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Teen Program & Pricing

In the state of illinois, teens can enroll in a driver's education program as early as age 15 at a commercial driving school such as Citizens Driving School. We are the certified provider by Illinois Secretary of State.

Teens age 15 can start with the permit phase and are required to obtain an instruction permit which must be held for minimum of nine months. Teens age 16 or 17 may receive their license if they successfully complete a state-approved driver education program, complete 50 hours of practice driving and pass the driver's license exam. In order to complete the program, teens must have:
A. 30 hours of classroom instruction
B. 6 hours behind the wheel instruction
C. 6 hours in vehicle observation, or a parent can choose an alternate formula to waive the 6 hours of observation requirement by adding 2 or more hours of behind the wheel instruction.

Currently our teen program offers a sequential module course. This course requires students to complete the 30 hours of classroom instruction within 9 months after the first classroom session attended and held every Friday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Our teen program covers:

  • Complete 30 hours classroom + 6 hours behind the wheel
  • 30 hours classroom only
  • 6 hours behind the wheel + 6 hours observation only
  • Additional one-on-one behind the wheel hours only
  • Road exam at DMV

Price for Complete Program

30 hrs Class, 6 hrs BTW, 6 hrs Obs: $395
30 hrs Class, 8 hrs BTW: $465
30 hrs Class, 10 hrs BTW: $535
30 hrs Class, 12 hrs BTW: $605
30 hrs Class, 50 hrs BTW: $1715

Price for Partial Program

30 hrs classroom only: $180
6 hrs BTW, 6hrs Obs: $320
8 hrs BTW only: $280
10 hrs BTW only: $330
12 hrs BTW only: $400
50 hrs BTW only: $1500
DMV road exam: $80